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The Wandering Nerd October 27th, 2007

Two bits of brilliant randomness to get started. After I dropped the last post on here I was trying to get caught up on my inbox when a guy randomly wanted to chat. Seems someone out there keeps giving out my gmail address whenever they sign up for shit. I’ve keeping a collection of the random debris that I get, some of it is…interesting. In any event, I turned out to not be the bloke this guy was looking for. But we did strike up a conversation and decided that more friends are always welcome. I also found out about this whole fire on the West Coast thing. Sucktackular, hope the peeps I know out there are not too singed. The guy is an animator/illustrator from LA, and he’s actually good, check it:

Next, the new guy, a Houstonian, that showed up in my hostel room tonight and I got to talking. When I mentioned I was from Kentucky but left out the city. He said that his parents are from there, a small town called Maysville. That’s my hometown for you just joining us. Halfway around the world and I meet a guy who’s from the same little place. Since I know my mom is going to ask, the last name is Mattingly, I didn’t get his folks name, and his uncle own’s Mattingly’s furniture store. That’s all I know.

Now, backing up a bit. Last night I met an Aussie guy - why do my strange stories always involve aussies - we grabbed a few beers and Mexican food. Yeah, I know Mexican in Zürich is sooooo passe’ right? Shut it. I’m fiending for a Taco Bell Grilled Stuffed Burrito, I needed something to take the edge off.

After that he called up a guy he’d met in Innsbruck who was from Zürich. Confused yet? Just wait. So this kid - I say that almost literally, he was supposedly 20, but I would have pegged him for 15 - so he says he’s having a party and that we should come. “We have beer and there’ll be girls there!” says he. Sheeeeeee-yat, you had me at beer. But I do happen to like girls almost as much as beer so I figure what the hell. We we walk in and - here’s the beginning - get introduced to his mom…then his dad. Then his mom asks where our bags are. Apparently the kid thought - or at least told his parents - that the Aussie was going to stay with them for the night. Like some sort of big slumber party…I think. So we had a strangely awkward time trying to explain, in english, to germans that we were not staying just visiting.

Luckily there was beer.

The highlights? We played Texas Hold’em Poker until the kid won a hand on a pair of nine of spades. After that we put things on hold to go through the deck. Turns out we could have had a pair of queen of hearts, three of clubs and a couple overs. 58 cards in a deck makes it a bit harder to calculate odds. More of his friends showed up for a total of 8 guys - not including me and the Aussie, who at this point had been fired, and was due a kick in the yarbles for getting me into this - and two girls. One, the girlfriend of a guy who showed up and this kids sister. They were all decent enough kids, but they didn’t want to speak English, and Swiss German is like Pepsi Clear you can call it German if you want but it ain’t, so we just headed out to wander around Zürich. Moral of this story, don’t trust an Aussie for anything more than attaining free beer.

Speaking of, I’m back on the Art kick - yeah that was a crappy segway, I’ll try to make it up to you later. Right now though, get ready for more links just for me that you can tag along on. But first, the gallery:

Berlinde de Bruyckere - This lady has some issues. Probably stemming from getting thrown from a horse when she was young. Something about defining your medium as, ‘horse skin, thread and wax’ probably makes a therapist start watering at the mouth. The piece I saw, and that’s in the gallery, is “Speechless Grey Horse.” It’s pretty disturbing, and I want you to reflect on who that’s coming from. View at your own risk. Before you ask, no it’s not actually a horse, it’s just made to disturbing resemble one. Most of her other work is that similar contorted theme.

Alberto Giacometti - More of the striding men and standing women.

Henry Fuseli - Fantastic paintings from Shakespeare’s plays, digging the contrast and colors.

Another magically translated page from google Robert Zünd whose piece Eichwald I would have sworn was a photo until I was almost nose to glass with the thing. It really is stunning in it’s realism. Not like that stupid old impressionist crap - my animosity is back in form.

To tie this neatly into the next bit - as promised, the Zurich train station has an installation piece from Mario Merz of the Fibonacci Sequence trailing along the western wall. That’s interesting because I saw the same one at the Musee’ National de Moderne in Paris. Opposite of that piece though is something that tugs my nerd cord. I couldn’t really make out exactly how it’s build, but here it is:

I’m pretty sure it’s just an X by X matrix of tri-color LEDs in little white acrylic globes layered and then time shifted out of phase per level to give it that effect. Regardless, it’s cool as hell and I want to build one.

I’m off to Interlaken tomorrow, for a completely safe and non dangerous stay.

Here’s a bit of Zürich, the weather has been cloudy and shitty for days so it’s not as glamorous as I had hoped, but you can get the idea.

hush a wild violet, hush a band of gold
hush you’re in a story I heard somebody told
-tom waits

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