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30 more minutes…what a stupid line…sit right back and you’ll hear a tale.

The Wandering Nerd November 17th, 2007

Remember the part about Napoli being cold and rainy? How about the part where the last two showers I’ve had have been cold. So now I have a cold. Whee! I love being sick in a foreign country. Luckily this time the Pharmacist spoke English. Well enough that he asked what my symptoms were. I think “feelin’ like I’ve been shot at and missed and shit at and hit” doesn’t translate well.

I’m done with Italy. Good food, lovely country side, but the people seem more rude than the French, and we all know my thoughts on the French. About the only thing worse are the filthy Canadians - pouring over our boarders to pay for healthcare, stealing our jobs, buying good ‘merican beer and taking it back. Parasites I tell you, PARASITES!

My head hurts.

Luckily it’s getting warmer. I’m on a ferry right now to Greece. This is the first time I’ve slept on a boat. The Stena Line from Dublin to Glasgow was short, and novel enough that sleeping was pointless. This, however is a 20 hour ferry ride, so I sprung for the bunk. Kinda’ nice actually. Being gently rocked to sleep. Though I suspect the meds and the half bottle of Rum may have helped me off to dream land.

Speaking of, I have a drink recipe for you! I call it the Dreamy Time Daiquiri! - I can already hear the Josh groaning. I will at least say you should never, ever, under any circumstances make this drink. I am a trained professional, and this should not be attempted at home. You have been warned.

Now that that’s out of the way. First, get some Apfel Korn, it’s an apple liquor and tastes exactly like apple juice if it’s on the rocks. Next, your favorite cinnamon schnapps, I prefer Fire Water to Aftershock - after reading some of the drinking games listed there, this seems almost tame…almost. Now here’s the secret ingredient. Apple Cinnamon Theraflu. Make the Thera-flu as normal, add a shot of both of the liquors and enjoy with stick of cinnamon. You’ll sleep like a baby, even remaining blissfully unaware of the desperate cries of your liver.

Now for Learning Greek with The Wandering Nerd!

Hello - yasu (informal) yasas (polite/plural)

Goodbye - andio

Yes - ne (isn’t that fun)

No - okhi

Please - sas parakalo

Thank you - sas efharisto

Do you speak English? - milate anglika?

Echo tria achithiyia - I have three testicles

Hey, it could be important.

Need sleep…

ohh, can’t anybody see
we’ve got a war to fight
never found our way
regardless of what they say

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