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Lingering gifts, a fine city and a new toy!

The Wandering Nerd January 11th, 2008

For the last couple of days India has been haunting me. Not in my dreams, more in my colon. I’m not going to go into the gory details - a first I know - just let it be said the first couple of days in Singapore were spent getting caught up on sleep and being ever mindful of the nearest facility. I think India’s score is now in the triple digits. Even now it taunts me, I tried to mail some stuff back home today and - foolish me - I tried to send them off in the “Little India” district of Sing. An hour gone and I still came back with me package unmailed. *shrug* So it goes.

I did manage to get a new camera while I was out on one of my short excursions. I splurged a bit and picked up a Canon A570IS, because, Hey! I’m worth it! And it offers a bit more control over shutter speed which in turn lets me control exposure time. I.e. I can do more fun stuff with night shots. You’ll be inundated with many more images this time as I’m trying to get back in the habit of taking lots of snaps.

As I was walking back through the mall - one of literally hundereds here - I ran across the <em>uRobic</em>. It’s touted as an ab and back toning device for women. But, as a little imagination excercise, I want you watch this video of one in action and form your own opinion.

Singapore’s ‘mascot’ for lack of a better term is the Merlion, I’m not really sure what the design comes from but it’s damned strange to look at. They built the thing in the marina bay, then built a pier just so tourists could get out in front of it to take pictures. Just a few meters away they have a mini version of the same thing for more pictures. I’m only surprised that they aren’t trying to charge admission to get to the damned thing.

I’ve met a few really kick ass folks while I’ve been here, Nicky and James (Brits), Jen (German), and Dominika (Poland). We’ve been kicking it around town, checking out all of the local fare, black pepper as well as chili blue crabs, Laksa, some strange breakfast called ‘Nasi Lamka’ which consists of a egg fried in more oil than egg, coconut rice, something they are calling an anchovie, and a couple of chicken wings…yeah, breakfast.

It’s not as bad as the dessert Ais Kacang they have over here…I must use the term ‘dessert’ delicately. It starts with a base of gelatinous balls (Hush, if I can avoid the joke you can too), jello, red beans (yeah, red beans, the legume), then they put shaved ice on top of it in a giant mound, think volcano. Then comes various different flavorings drizzled on around the edges of the volcano, next they pour sweet cream around the outside edge, as the final topping - and this is the honest truth - they top it off with *shiver* creamed corn. I hate creamed corn, like violently despise it, but in true traveler fashion I gave the whole mess a go, then we all unanimously decided to scrape the cream corn off as there was a danger that we all were going to retch, thus negating all the time we’d spent plowing through the rest of the food. After the corn was gone, it was only moderately stomach churning. Though I don’t think Nicky will ever be able to hear the term ‘gelatinous’ and remain unaffected.

We hit up the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel for a Singapore Sling - I did not get a Mezcal on the side, that’s only pool side at the Pogo Lounge in LA. A fine mixed beverage if I do say so. I’m generally not partial, but as they invented the thing, it just means most places I’ve tried it and not liked it are not using the correct flippin’ recipe. Big dummies.

There’s also a bar here called “Clinic”. The tables are medical exam tables, the chairs are wheelchairs and the lights are old surgery lights. You can get drinks that are served in syringes, drip bags, etc. Quite a trip it’s becoming eh?

On with the photos you seem to enjoy so much:

i never worry
now that is a lie
-red hot chili peppers