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Malacca laka high, link parties, and movies about guns

The Wandering Nerd January 16th, 2008

After the whirlwind of action and adventure that Singapore turned into, I was looking for a pretty chill time in Melaka, my first stop in Malaysia. Turned into just what I was hoping for. There’s not really all that much to do and I got some much needed down time to just relax.

I’m on into Kuala Lumpur now with seemingly acceptable internet connectivity so I’m going to get caught up on a number of housekeeping bits.

First, the comments, thanks for all of them, it’s cool to realize that there are a fair to middling number of folks that actually check the site out. With very sparse connectivity, responding to comments as they come in proves a bit difficult and now the great deluge of them rather precludes me from going back to get caught up. Let’s play a little game where we all pretend I responded in kind to each comment with a wry witticism or rather hilarious commentary shall we? Good, glad we’re all on the same page here…as it were.

Next, crosslinks. I’ve been stocking up on links to peeps web pages, business, blogs, etc… so now it’s GO TIME!

A guy I met when I was studying in Germany is working on a new blog and some other stuff as well, without further ado - Alexander Höpker

Two guys I met early on in Anjuna are invovled in the Rickshaw Run a rather strange event for charity. While I’m generally not one for charity - or chasity, temperance, kindness, and especially not humility - I do think they chose a rare crossbreed betwixt expansive adventure and a worthy cause. You can follow their misadventures via - Legends of the Phaal

Bringing up the rear - as opposed to his norm of taking it there - I’ve mentioned on a number of occasions the elusive Tim. Elusive, as he has a habit of going all Jason Bourne through the back yards of goa, going number 2 in their gardens, and going for a swim without provocation, sobriety or any ability to return to his shoes. Despite his genetic failing of being British, he’s a moderately decent sod to hang out with, assuming you don’t mind the smell or the swarm of flies above his head. He’s bitter, he’s angry, and he has some giant honkin’ boots, ladies and germs - Versive

Finally got all that caught up, now back on the Malaka bit. The spelling of it seems very fluid, even when you’re there, they don’t seem to bother with silly things like consistency. As for the city, it’s pretty much a city with big Chinatown. I didn’t really have much in the way of feelings for it one way or the other. The hostel I stayed in was cool - Ringo’s Foyer.

Enjoy the photos gang, more on the way:

you know I’m born to lose, and gambling’s for fools,
but that’s the way I like it baby,
i don’t wanna live for ever,
and don’t forget the joker!

I was wrong once, guerilla sleeping and keep quiet fools!

The Wandering Nerd January 14th, 2008

What an event filled couple of days. I’m liking Sing, it’s got tons of stuff to do, and the people I’ve met have all been top shelf. I don’t think I could actually live here for a number of reasons though. Singapore is a fine city, ‘fine’ in the sense of “if you do X the fine is $Y.” There are fines for everything, check it. Also the vice tax here is nuts. You pay almost double the cost of the drink or cigarettes in taxes. So another good traveler’s tip, buy at the duty free in the Airport.

I’m gonna’ touch on the highlights of what I’ve been up to. There was the botanic gardens of singapore that we sort of had to cut short to get Dominika back to a MRT station to send her on her merry way. Hence fewer pictures of the gardens than I would have liked to take.

After that Nicky, James and I hit up the Singapore Science Center, where they had an actual Theremin you could play with, and a large exhibit on “Infocomm!” - read: IT. I was expecting to laugh myself silly, but was pleasantly surprised to see that they’d actually really done their research. It was a bit simplified though surprisingly accurate. More fun, they had a pretty good sized Tesla Coil there as well:

…and pics:

After that we collected Jen again and headed out to the Singapore Night Safari. Setup up to mimic the animals natural environment and subtly lit, the safari offers a great way to see animals going about their nightly lives. It was a bit kitschy though, pretty much the Disneyland of nocturnal animals, the prices were over the top - much like Disneyland again, and they are a bit misleading in their admission charges. Despite it though when we were there, sitting in the dark,listening to the quiet symphony of the jungle around us, watching a giraffe go about his breakfast, it didn’t matter. When you stop valuing money and start valuing the things money can allow you to experience, it’s a good calm.

Speaking of a good calm. I’ve a medical question that I hope the good DocBroi can answer if he can spare a moment. *grin* First I need to point out that 7-11 is the largest chain in Southeast Asia. Now here’s my question, is it possible to actually do real damage to yourself by brain freeze? I.e. if someone were to say, power through a slushy, what’s the realistic outcome? I haven’t done it, nor do intend to. I hate brain freeze. I hate it so much that I’ve come up with a solution to brain freeze. I figure the freezing point of another substance just needs to be much lower than water so it can function as sort of an ‘anti-freezing agent.’ What substance do we all know and love that has a lower freezing point? That’s right! Vodka! So putting vodka in your slushy means no more brain freeze, quid est demonstratum!  I’m expecting a call from the Nobel committee for that one, I’m not sure if I can actually win both the Physics and Chemistry prize along with the Peace prize but I think that’s worthy.  Science!

What else, what else? Oh! Is it just me or do the rest of you think the Esplanade also looks like the hideout for the Legion of Doom? It’s been really bugging me.


After that brilliant segway, or should I say, “Meanwhile, back in the Mint Museum of Toys…” The museum houses thousands of toys from all around the world and back to the turn of the century. Including a big superhero set, POW, BANG, BIF!!! Strangely they have a case devoted to the Golliwogg, all I can say is…wow, just…wow…that’s some effed up ess. They also have a candy apple red Darth Vader figure. I take exception to that. Near blatant racism is one thing, but a red Vader? That’s sacrilege. In the fifties, they didn’t really know any better, but in 2005 Vader is still sacrosanct! Damn you Lucas. *huff* Anyway! toys:

Preparations are well underway for the Chinese New Year all around the city. I’m not going to be here to see them, but it’s cool to see the amount of effort that goes into the celebration here. Hell all we usually do is stock up on booze and silly hats…

Hokay, I’m exhausted kids, here’s the last of Singapore, dunno’ when you’ll see me again, but keep fighting The Man!

a thousand miles seems pretty far
but they’ve got planes and trains and cars
-plain white

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