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Bees on your buttcheeks, that’s a long way down, and how big did you say that scorpion was?

The Wandering Nerd March 26th, 2008

So there’s not much in the way of internet access in Laos. It’s hard to find and not exactly the most speedy of connections. In any event I’m here and have finally found a method to get me some net lovin’.

Spent a few days out in the jungle on the Gibbon Experience. In the Bokeo Provence of northern Laos they have a gibbon sanctuary and have strung zip lines (think flying fox) through the jungle canopy. You stay in treehouses and play around in the trees all day. When I’m sayin’ treehouse I’m not talking a couple of two by fours that your daddy nailed up in the walnut tree in the backyard. These things are massive and about 100m off the ground. Here’s some pics:

and, as the actual experience isn’t really shown via pictures alone, here’s the video:

Didn’t see any gibbons, but the trip was well worth it, too bad I woke up the last day with a fever and feeling like absolute crap, there was some consideration given to the possibility that I’d been stung by a scorpion, ah…my rock and roll lifestyle…

The six hour trek out of the jungle didn’t help much. When I made it back to Huay Xai I was really feeling it. Must have been something I ate as well as or instead of a sting/bite, I spent the next couple of days just hold up in a hotel, making friends with Mr. Commode, waiting until I was feeling better. I had no intention of getting on the boat down the Mekong River for 2 days when I couldn’t even go an hour without running to the little wanderer’s room.

Hopping on a speedboat and heading down the Mekong, hopefully there won’t be any ’smashing upon the rocks’ episodes. I hear you take your life in your own hands when you travel that way, my kind of transport.

Wandering on…

don’t fall down now
you will never get up
don’t fall down now

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