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The Wandering Nerd June 1st, 2008

Well kids, that’s about it. I’ve been back in the states for over a week now. It’s been a hectic mix of paperwork, reunions, job hunting and rushing around to get my student visa stuff taken care of. Thus, leaving me little time to get a capstone post together. I hope you’ve found ways to entertain yourselves in lieu of my enrapturing prose.

It is weird being back. I still have the ‘traveler’s mindset.’ I’m noticing little things here in Indy I never did. The state museum holds an appeal for me now that it never did before, and I’m paying more attention to how people interact. Though one negative thing that’s returning quickly is the personal isolation in which Americans exist. Not talking to anyone, pretending to be disinterested in their surroundings, etc.

Prices are another thing that catches me off guard, everything is so much cheaper than in Australia, and so much more expensive than in SE Asia. I know everyone is bitching about gas prices now, hell I flew from Sydney to Melbourne for $64 USD and when I borrowed a Blazer to drive from Indy to Cincinnati it cost $80 USD to fill the bloody damn thing up. But let’s put it in perspective for a moment. Gas in Australia costs $14 USD per gallon. And what you pay to fill up even the smallest gas tank is gonna’ be be more than enough to feed, cloth and house a Laotian family for a week. So yeah, it sucks, and you can thank a number of factors for the current situation. From the destabilization of the middle east, to the oil companies regulating supply, to the green peacenicks spending more time playing hug the nearest sycamore than working with other organizations to find environmentally sound ways of getting more oil out of the resources we have in our own nation. It’s just gonna’ get worse, the price isn’t going down again. Get used to it, sorry gang, that’s how it goes.

As an aside - and lighter note - there is a compelling argument that Jesus would drive a big old pickup. I mean think about it, he was a carpenter so he’d have to haul lumber and shit all the time. He was always rolling around with those disciple guys, so it would be an extended cab. You always see Jesus sporting a mullet, so that’s clearly a pickup sign. Finally, the dude was middle eastern right? So they’re used to having plenty of oil, he wouldn’t be bothered about MPG now would he? So Jesus would roll around in a Ford F-250 Extended Cab Dually, with a Calvin pissing on the devil in the back window and a bumper sticker proudly proclaiming, “WWID.”

I’ve been trying to work out what the hell I’m really gonna’ do with this whole site thing. I’m not exactly wandering anymore, well at least not physically, my mind has been wandering for years. I’ve pretty well established that I want to end it all gracefully. The only other way I can see it going would be to devolve into a blog of the type I don’t like. This was never intended to be a soap box or forum for me to attempt any sort of persuasive argument - though at points in there it was used as such. Hell at some points this was more of a bludgeoning instrument than anything else. So, inasmuch as I don’t want to further burden the interwebs - already bubbling over with the inane yammering of a million thoughtless voices, the diary of the Wandering Nerd is coming to a close. On the right side there you’ll see the categories based on the countries I was in at the time. Probably a faster way to look back on the trip if you’re so inclined.

It’s possible that further travels will revive the need for this site, or incite me to write something more, but now is the time for you to wander on your own. You don’t have to go around the world, start simple, go to a new restaurant, or try walking around a park one Sunday afternoon and take photos. Be a tourist in your own town. I guarantee there is shit there that you don’t know about.

I really want to send out my appreciation for anyone who spent a few moments on the site, and especially to those who were kind enough to leave comments and participate with me. It meant a lot, especially in some of the darker moments, to know there were people out there that were at least aware of the frustration inherent in some of the places I visited - India I’m looking at you. Even more, thank you to all the people that were kindly enough to donate a bit of cash to the cause. The funds are going to a new laptop for the upcoming schooling. This one has been a workhorse and I’m gonna’ miss it, but it’s showing it’s age and it’s mileage. Hell, maybe I am too, or maybe I’m just a bit melancholy about putting this to bed…

Someone asked me if I’d found what I was looking for. In some ways yes, and in others no. What I was hoping for was not found, but what I got out of the search was worth it. I believe the philosopher Jagger said it best, ‘you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find you get what you need.’ Another very important thing I learned on the way and probably fitting here, ‘nothing loses its value just because it comes to an end…’

No photos for you this time, just a smile, a wave, and an ‘until next time!’

-The Wandering Nerd

maybe it’s too soon to be sure
but i really do believe that someday
we’re gonna have it all
so i try to hard to keep the rhythm of a train
rolling right along
when the ride gets rough you got to carry on
-jeremy kay