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Transformers, my childhood, girls…

The Wandering Nerd July 5th, 2007

I’ve been reserving passing any sort of judgment on any publicity or chatter floating about on the interwebs regarding the new Transformers movie. I sort of knew in the dark recesses of my blackened heart that either Michael Bay would either take a part of my childhood behind the old tools shed and touch it inappropriately, or a worthy (and much needed) cartoon -> movie adaptation would occur. The likelihood of anything mid-spectrum was essentially negligible.

I’ve seen it twice now, and I have canceled my travel plans regarding flying to L.A. to shit on Mr. Bay’s lawn, and pose lewdly with a garden gnome in the driveway. I was trying to sort out what other director I thought could have pulled it off. Luc Besson maybe (Multipass!), or maybe David Fincher (Rule 1: Don’t talk about…) could have had a go I suppose, I thought Peter Jackson (MORE COPYRIGHTED ORCS!) for a bit but he’s too organic with all of his work. The Transformers needed someone who really knew what it was to see metal get fucked up, enter Michael Bay.

It quickly becomes apparent that, while deviating moderately from the original storylines, seemingly everyone involved, from Bay/Spielberg on down to the cast itself, has some affection for the idea of the Transformers. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (also wrote “Jack of All Trades” if you Bruce Campbell fans remember that TV gem) clearly grew up with the Transformers and did more than a passing job at crafting a fanciful adaptation. The acting was par for a good action flick, though I have to say, willing suspension of disbelief I have no problem with. Yeah, giant autonomous alien robots that can change shape in less than a second, got it! But I’m not buying an attractive Aussie/Kiwi blond chick that’s a subject matter expert in ’signal analysis’ for the NSA…wait a minute….or….ein minuten bitte…. She follows with a long string of jumbled buzzword about our Firewalls getting hax0red in under 10 seconds….It’s like they know the words but not how to put them together.

I would say that Megan Fox could only moderately be called an actress, but given that I’m holding out hope that someday I’ll actually meet her… Megan Fox delivered a stunning performance, some of the best lean work and stretching I’ve seen in years, Bravo!

In the end, very much worth seeing, and I suspect if the gross numbers are right ($150 Million Budget I just found out) I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see another. Though Bay is working on a Prince of Persia movie now, I have a feeling that when Hasbro, and all the other car manufacturers who lucked into having models and product placement in this get a whiff of the profits they are going to make from licensing toys and cars, the feeding frenzy will ensue. Subsequently the follow up movie will probably be rushed out, suck like a hoover or a presidential pardon and I’ll go back to being an angry bitter husk of a man. But for now, if just for a few moments, it was good to see something that didn’t suck. Did this old man proud…now piss off.

Update: Take a sec and go check out Penny Arcade’s take on re-imaging 80’s characters.

Nobody puts Baby in a case!!!

The Wandering Nerd June 8th, 2007

So when all this started I certainly wasn’t planning on collecting silly “safety” stickers, but this makes the second one:


It’s on the inside of a rather large rolling storage bin, which kind of concerns me. Not so much that you shouldn’t put babies in airtight containers, that’s relatively self evident, but rather that it has happened often enough that Rubbermaid decided it frequent enough they needed to point out that it was a bad idea.

I remember when I was a kid and some other kids would lock me in an airtight trunk and play “submarine” with me and the nearest body of water…those girls were mean.

Testing some vidja

The Wandering Nerd May 16th, 2007


Video from a couple runs around the Nashville Motor Speedway. I strapped a little disposable Walgreen’s camera on the right fork of the bike. (Ducati 748)

Download Video

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