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The Wandering Nerd August 9th, 2007

I mentioned my travel for today would be the suck. I had to catch the bus at 0615, which meant I needed to get up at 0530 to get checked out and walk my happy ass to the bus station. I don’t do 0530 from that side. I’ll greet it when it comes, but I’m not a fan of waking up when it shows up.

The bus drops you off at the Stena terminal for the Stena Plus, you’ll have to look it up. It costs £30 to go from Belfast all the way up to Glasgow. That sounds kind of pricey but when you look at it, that’s a bus to the ferry, the ferry ride, and then a train, oh and you’re switching countries too. Getting on the ferry you go through another ‘elevated’ security point. This time it was a little old lady who asked me how I was doing and if I was enjoying the day, and then told me to mind the belt - where my luggage was to go, as there was some water in front of it. I suppose I shouldn’t worry about the Swiss Army knife in my bag then?

You then get sent down this network of large gangways and never actually see the ship. When you finally realize you aren’t on land anymore it looks like you stepped into a casino. I had strong images of the resort ship from The Fifth Element. I didn’t even realize we were underway until I had grabbed a sandwich and sat down in the bow and saw the movement there, it really is that smooth. It holds 1500 passengers, and 375 vehicle bays. A prime example of human achievement. I left my copy of The Fountainhead tucked away in one of the lounges, it seemed appropriate.

I walked down into the vehicle area to look around, there was a R1200c down there, ah nostalgia. Take care of it Broi, I’ll want to ride it again sometime.

Arriving in Stranraer, Scotland, you hop directly onto the train line that runs up to Glasgow. Three older ladies got on a couple of stops later and were talking up a storm. It’s funny to hear someone who’s probably in their seventies talking about all of the whiskeys I should try.

Glasgow is really a hip city, you’ll see what I mean in the pics. I met a couple from Mexico, Israel and Ximena, and a guy from Argentina, Mariano. We drank a bottle of wine by the river then found a little club called the Catwalk. Finally found reasonably priced drinks £1.50 for a vodka tonic or a JD and Coke. Mmmm…goodness.

I’d just missed Static-X and Black Label Society. Bollocks.

i just don’t know what to do with myself
i don’t know what do with myself
-white stripes

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