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The Wandering Nerd November 10th, 2007

I’m glad I stopped over in Florence. It’s a cool city, and has some interesting art, all strongly dominate by religious imagery…like strongly. I’m not religious at all and there’s a limit to how many crucifixions and immaculate births that I can handle. The Uffizi doesn’t allow you to take photos, the bastards. Not even without flash. *chuckle*

The have a number of pieces from Botticelli, including The Birth of Venus. Much more impressive than the Mona Lisa.

Quick art links:

Dosso Dossi

Salvator Rosa

Luca Giordano

Guido Reni

I didn’t write down any of the specific pieces, but generally liked the stuff they had.

I considered going to the other gallery in Florence, Accademia Gallery, to see Michaelangelo’s David, however they have a very good reproduction of it in the outdoor statue gallery. Supposedly there isn’t really much else in there worth seeing and I was running out of time, so I gave it a miss. One more thing to do next time around.

One thing I never thought would be problem has been something as simple as shaving. I’d been getting pretty shaggy and decided to go to an Italian Barber - too bad I wasn’t in Seville. It’s an interesting experience to let a guy hold a straight razor to your neck while you know for a fact you can’t communicate with him on any really important matter such as, ‘oh shit, I’m bleeding.’ Best shave…ever. You’d have to polish a babies butt for a while to get that level of smoothness. Luigi - sadly he was wearing a blue coat, not green - did a hell of a job. Shaved once, then went through and did it all over again with a finer blade. I think I’m going to just keep doing that whenever I need the shave thing…now only if I can find someone to bath me regularly I’ll be set. I’m taking applications, though be aware there are stringent requirements. Being female is considered a big plus.

and the animals I’ve trapped
have all become my pets
and I’m living off of grass

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