NO FOTO! What are all these rocks, and I need another Coke Zero…NOW!

The Wandering Nerd November 13th, 2007

Internet access continues to be difficult to attain. The Italian Government has passed some strange law that requires anyone getting on the internet to present identification, like a passport. All of this under the guise of ‘anti-terrorism.’ I’m not sure how the hell that’s going to work, but it certainly makes it impossible to find any freely open hotspots. Luckily there happens to be a few things around, y’know, the Coliseum, the Vatican, more ruins than dog poop.

Speaking of, here’s the Coliseum:

A number of travelers were saying they weren’t impressed with it. I personally thought it was magnificent. Being in there you really do get the sense of the roar of the crowd, the blood and sweat, the energy. Just gets the old adrenaline muscle going. I also sat down in the sun and had a listen to Tom Wait’s In the Coliseum. It had to be done.


We hit up the Vatican, which had a line that stretched over a kilometer and apparently it was a short one that day. If I was vaguely fed up with religious imagery before I’m chock a block full now. The Sistine Chapel is impressive. The Last Judgement has some interesting history behind it. Yay censorship! Michaelangelo’s painting gets a redo buy some stuffy bloke that just paints pants on everyone. The Raphael rooms were impressive, though too dark to actually see the detail of the works. Many Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles references were made along the walk - the 3 hour - walk through the Vatican.

I sent a postcard back to myself from the Vatican as you can see to the right. Brois roll with the Pope halfway around the world.

I asked at the gift shop - one of the many along the way - where I could buy a Pope Hat. Italians have no sense of humor, or maybe it’s just the Catholics.

The Vatican has amassed one hell of a collection of art, and I was delighted to find modern stuff in there as well, the had a really cool Soto.

You’re not allowed to take photos in the Chapel itself, they have a number of Italian ‘guards’ wandering through the crowds, yelling ‘NO FOTO!’ and clapping at people - I don’t know it must be the Italian equivalent of snapping your fingers at someone. It’s not like it really stopped anyone from taking fotos, they just take them from about crotch level straight up and get some funny booger shots along with Michaelangelo’s masterpiece. The irony is not lost on me.

Well holy crap, the Vatican has it’s own Domain. It’s .va I knew it was technically it’s own country, but that’s just cheeky.

I also stopped by the Modern Art Museum here, so more Art links:

Alberto Burri - Wicked looking pieces.

Marcel Duchamp - Ready made is a bunch of crap, I gotta’ say.

Giovanni Boldini - Clearly saw the sensuousness of women.

Salvatore Postiglione - I couldn’t take a photo of the painting I liked and now I can’t find it on the web…Bastards!

Alright children, I’m off to find some pasta - I hear they have it here. Here are some common pics from around Rome. There are also some not quite so common ones. Those who know will appreciate. Enjoy!

UPDATE - You need to see this. “By adding moisture and physics!

in a world of human wreckage
i’m lost and I’m found
and I can’t touch the ground
i’m plowed into the sound

One Response to “NO FOTO! What are all these rocks, and I need another Coke Zero…NOW!”

  1. Hoshion 15 Nov 2007 at 1:31 pm

    Hey Nerd,
    Long time reader, first time poster… :P
    Sorry I’ve been absent lately. Dealing with a ton of shite here lately and it’s getting me down. Looking at prolly getting a second job during the holidays (as if I didn’t already loathe them enough). I’ve been reading though and trying to keep up with your exploits.
    So far, Italy looks okay. I am still less impressed with it than I am with CZ and Germany though. Anxious to see where fate’s wandering whim takes you next. It is surely getting cold in the Northern climes by now, sooooo…Greece? Turkey? South of France or Spain? Portugal sounds nice right about now…lots of seafood, good, strong wine and some tropical maritime winds blowing in to greet you every morning.
    WTF am I doing in Midwestern US still? (moreover, how so I encode some smiley that is balling?) :(
    If you would, steal me a slice of one of those massive columns from some ruins. I prefer Ionic, but I can make due with Doric as well if I have to. It should make a nice base for a coffee table. :D
    Well, glad to see you’re still alive. Good use of the papal postcard too. I can’t imagine he would object…much.
    As always, have fun, be safe and for goodness sakes, please don’t start another Crusade before you get out of there! ;)
    PS - it’s just the Catholics.

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