Make him an offer, Spanish sore points, GIVE HIM BACK HIS CAMERA!

The Wandering Nerd November 17th, 2007

Napoli is a pretty nasty city. On first impression, getting out of the train station you’re assaulted with noise, grime, cars and street vendors. It doesn’t really get any better. A couple highpoints though, went to Di Matteo and had a Margareta Pizza. They’ve been making them for about 200 years, so they have it pretty well down, true nummy goodness. To round the trip out a big group of us watched The Godfather in the hostel. Other than the hostel and pizza, and in spite of my hopes, Napoli sux0red. The entire time I was there it was cold and raining. We only had a short reprieve while in Pompeii.

Pompeii, the site, is very cool. Imagine what it must have been like for them, back in 79. I don’t know about you, but I’m enjoying saying things like, ‘Yeah, back in aught-3 I was doing so and so…’. When they would have said, back in 79, they literally meant back in 79 AD. It wasn’t even AD then, we had no concept of Anno Domini.

Where was I, oh right, on the 24th of August 79 Vesuvius blew it’s top. I suspect the concept of what exactly a volcano could do was not well known. From the viewpoint of the average person it must have been the Gods going all medieval on the asses of an unsuspecting community. Not like I haven’t dropped the occasional Volcano in to liven things up in Populous.

The city of Pompei was covered in 23′ of ash (7m). Taking a snapshot of life at the time. Excavations began in earnest in the mid-1700s. They would excavate a bit of the city and pour plaster in over the bodies. You can see the plaster casts of people still tortured by the deadly gases and ash that took their lives. There’s a particularly gruesome cast of a dog twisted in torment. Seems like an unpleasant way to go. Though we did liven it up a bit by coming up with interesting poses we’d like to be found in, were it us.

The streets and homes are preserved as they would have been. The wheel ruts from the carts that passed through the city can still be seen in the pavement stones. Even the more base aspects of humanity remain. Graffiti still adorns the walls in certain places - Lucius painted this. Yeah, there’s some worse text, be warned following that link. The brothel still has pictures decorating the walls. Ancient red light districts had stone beds Now that’s getting your rocks off, eh?

In a few of the pics you’ll note that there are certain stones that are extruded out of the streets. When it would rain the streets would get flooded with wash, mud, and just a general muck of humanity. The stones would allowed pedestrians to cross the streets without stepping down into the mess, while still allowing carts to pass. Pretty clever. They even had bathhouses with running water, running HOT water. Hell, the last two places I’ve showered haven’t even been able to manage that damn trick!

in the shape of things to come.
too much poison come undone.
cuz there’s nothing else to do,

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