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The Wandering Nerd November 24th, 2007


Time - among other things - has a habit of sneaking up on you. I’ve been on the road for four months now, and the rowers keep on rowing and they’re certainly not showing any signs that they are slowing. I’m in Santorini sitting on my private balconey - not bad for €12 - staring up at an almost full moon, billow clouds lazily drifting by. Right now the cloud in front of the moon looks exactly like a Luckdragon. I’m sipping on a Santorini Wine - medium dry red -, munching on fresh Baklava - extra honey-, listening to Rufus Wainwright. There are precious few things that could make this better. One involves me not being sick anymore.

The more I travel the more I notice striking synchronicity with old idioms. Sure the When in Rome… line was clearly necessary, but when we were in Pompei - and Italy/Greece in general - there were numerous strays wandering around on the street. At one point one of the other tourists stumbling around the city reached down to pet one that was snoozing in the sun. Unhappy at being awoken, it started growling and barking at the guy, this is why you should let sleeping dogs lie! I got a million of them! While in the Athens train station I was studying the map and one of the people following me asked if I knew what I was looking for, nope, it’s all greek to me! There are more, but I’ll spare you for a bit.

I’ve travelled to Santorini with a guy I met in Athens, Tom. British, but other than that genetic failing, he’s a good bloke. We rented ATVs today and literally drove around the island. The map we were given can only loosely be termed as such. I’ve seen better directions in crayon or given by a Scotsman…okay so maybe not as bad as the Scots, but still poor.

A word - actually two - on Santorini beaches: poorly defined. I expect something about a beach named Paradiso. Something more than it was. They do have the cleverly named Red Beach, which is a lot of giant red rocks by the sea. Then there’s the Black Beach, which is similar to the Red Beach but with one minor difference that I’ll leave as an excersice to the reader. Finally there’s the White Beach. Go on, guess.


The Thundermight ATVs we rented were all 50ccs of pure screaming power. There were some paved roads the little bastards couldn’t climb. It was like a bad game of Mario Cart, only without blue sparks FTW. The thing was so small I actually got it to bunny hop. I had it up on two wheels easily enough, but I couldn’t get a wheelie out of it short of standing in front of it and just lifting the front end up to my chest. Oh, and did I mention it’s freakin’ cold? I’m sure that’s going to go well with me in the morning.

The morning should see me headed back to Athens for a night or two as I suss out my next moves. Either Istanbul, or straight on into Cyprus. I’m tired of being cold.

Santorini is definately a pretty island, and the inhabitants are kings and queens of hospitality and friendliness. I suspect it would be a lot cooler if everything wasn’t closed. The island is like a ghost town right now. From the number of ‘beach’ bars I’m seeing, this place likes to kick it during the peak season. I’ve also noticed numerous gutted concrete husks of buildings standing vacant. Not sure if they are going up or coming down, but they look oddly ghastly in this place.

Lots of things here are painted white, and a blue that is exactly the same shade as the midday sky. It adds a seeming transperancy to the buildings around here. You’ll see in the shots that the colors are very clashing with the countryside, but it works well. Enjoy the show!

everything i’m not
made me everything I am
-kanye west

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  1. Hoshion 28 Nov 2007 at 3:44 pm

    Hey Broi,
    Cool that you got to see both Santorini and Thessaloniki. I’m anxious to hear your take on T-niki and if you’ve had any experiences with ouzo while in Greece. Even though I still loathe black liquorice, I doubt I could stay away from my estranged liquid lover while I was in her home country.
    I miss my blackouts. :P
    Well, still got more catching up to do.
    Here’s hoping you made it to Turkey before Thanksgiving… (chuckle)

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