Alright, now what? They moved it?!?! Thank you USA…thank you.

The Wandering Nerd November 30th, 2007

Well, the bastards are doing me on all fronts. My plans to go to India are being curtailed as quickly as I can make them. It’s necessary to have a tourist visa to get into India from your home country. Now I’ve been gone for over four months, how exactly was I supposed to get that? I can’t get one in Istanbul as our lovely US Consulate here does not allow Indian nationals to get US tourist visas, so reciprocally they won’t do it for us. So I can’t go forward and I’m loathe to go back. Oh, and did I mention that the US Consulate has moved? So thanks again to Lonely Planet and my out of date book. So everyone remember, important safety tips: 1. Check about visas on places you may possibly concieve of going to within the next six months. 2. Make sure you have the latest guides. I’m going to be quite happy when I’m….well wherever I end up next, and can get a newer guide book. I’ve got some ideas on how to move on, but they are a bit…gambling. Hopefully none will involve a Turkish prison.

I did get a chance to capture the Adhan. It’s a bit sketchy as I had to hack it together by capturing from the little workhorse camera I have. Not the highest quality, but enough for you to get the idea of what you hear in Istanbul throughout the day when they do the call to prayer:

I’ve had to start blocking spam comments on the site, so it looks like I’m getting noticed enough to generate the interest of spammers…grand.

Finally I stopped by the Istanbul Museum and grabbed some shots. If you’re looking for big ass carpets, they’ve got ‘em, 25-30′x10-15′. I don’t think I’ve ever had a room big enough to put something like that in. There are also a few night shots of the Blue Mosque. I almost got arrested there, though not for the reasons some may believe. One of the guards wanted to practice his English so he pulled me aside and chatted for a while. He asked how the best way to get to stay in the US was. I suggested marrying an American girl. From what I’ve seen of the Turkish women though, the only way a Turkish guy could handle an American girl would be with a chair and a whip - and most likely a full gamut of protective gear, at least most of the American girls I know…

Here’s da’ pix:

the king called up his jet fighters
he said you better earn your pay
drop your bombs between the minarets
down the Casbah way

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  1. Picidaeon 30 Nov 2007 at 10:19 pm

    heya naj!
    just wanted to say “hi” as i have neglected commenting on your site for quite some time. i’ve got me a cold so this is about all i can manage to write at this time. off to bed…

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