Well then, dirt and grime, no I don’t want any damn weed.

The Wandering Nerd December 12th, 2007

So this is pretty much it. I wandered around Kathmandu one more time today with some of the great people I’ve met while I’ve been here. It’s gonna’ be strange rolling on. Kathmandu is a mess socially, politically, and sanitary, but there’s a certain charm to it. Even the guys mumbling about selling you hash every 10 feet, I think I’m going to miss it a bit.

Today I’m hopping a plane to India. I could have done the overland route, but it was 20 some odd hours and took 3 buses, a train and a rickshaw. The plane is 40 minutes. I’m tired of being cold and I’m really wanting to be in Goa by the 16th or so. Hence, back on a plane.

I have no clue what the interweb situation is in India, so it may be a while children. Amuse yourselves as best you can and try not to break any of the good china.

and nothing they could do or say
could make me think it’s wrong
-johnny cash

One Response to “Well then, dirt and grime, no I don’t want any damn weed.”

  1. Hoshion 13 Dec 2007 at 2:02 pm

    Glad to hear you got the visa/India thing straightened out and are on your way, bro. You’ll probably be surprised at the level of gentrification in the major Indian cities, especially when you stop to think about all the tech jobs that are migrating there almost daily, it seems. I’d imagine there are lots of creature comforts wherever there will be tourists. It’s part of their PR/marketing plan, I think. :S
    Well, I’ve never met these people trying to sell you hash every 10 feet, but I am sure they are fine human beings and worthy of being missed. I almost miss them myself and I’ve never even met any of them. :P
    Enjoy the heat…and the smells of India. This is the one part of your sojourn that I am not jealous of missing. For some reason, India reminds me of Detroit…only the people are much nicer in India…and don’t shoot at you…unnecessarily. :)
    As always, be safe, have fun and try not to scour your skin of on those inevitable multiple daily showers you’ll want to take.

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