Festivities, poor poor feets, and feats of frustration

The Wandering Nerd December 26th, 2007

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Did you all get what you wanted for Christmas? Was it really what you wanted? This was the sunset I got on Christmas Eve. Not too shabby, eh? The Christmas party took a while to get going but turned into a lively little shindig. My Christmas funk made a bit of a return appearance, nothing majorly bad, just a general melancholy in the midst of all the revelry. *shrug* And someone stole my sandals from the Christmas party so I got to walk home barefooted. Not bad on the beach, kinda’ unpleasant on the rocky path to my abode. Clearly not the best Xmas Eve I’ve ever had, but - believe me - it was not the worst by a long shot. There was actually a lot of pleasantness in there at points.

My Christmas present turned out to be a whole afternoon of fighting, in no particular order, the Indian airline industry, the US Credit Card system, the Indian train system, and the Indian bus lines. That’s India - 3 USA - 1. India wins the most bloody frustrating award! Yay! Here’s to you India!

I sussed out a flight out of India on the 9th of January flying out of Chennai when my two main credit cards decided to be all sorts of flaky. When did all this ‘Verified by Visa’ shit start? That makes it really fun to try to use them when overseas. Clearly no one should be traveling outside of the US! Why would you want to do something all crazy like that?!?! Asshats.

So with a flight finally booked and my cards sorted, now I just need to get to Chennai by the 9th. Easy right? Nope, the trains are booked up through the 24th of January. The buses are an option, but not one I’m really reveling. Surprise of surprises, the place where I’m staying has worked a deal for me, it involves bribing a ticket official to get me on the train. India - 4! I’ve heard some people say that INDIA actually stands for “I’ll Never Do India Again.” While I’m not prepared to make a broad sweeping statement like that just yet, I’ve got my eye on it. I’m just going to keep a running tally of India’s silliness. So a vanishing phone, and my shoes going walkabout bring our India total up to 6.

I’ve been hanging out with some other Brits…y’know it just occurred to me I haven’t met an Aussie in over a week…heavens to mergatroid! So back to the Brits, they are fire performers. We caught another one of their shows last night and I snagged some photos for you general amusement.

My camera is holding up like a trooper, even though some sand has gotten in the motor and it grinds when opening and closing and the shutter also has sand in it - sand is a big theme down here - so even when fully powered off it still has a bit of the lens exposed. Like an ever unblinking eye! Or someone with major nerve damage to the muscles in their face. Either or.

false security has lulled the madness
of this world into a slumber
wake up, wake up
-powerman 5000

2 Responses to “Festivities, poor poor feets, and feats of frustration”

  1. Hoshion 27 Dec 2007 at 11:38 am

    Tell them to STOP! It are makin me sixor. :P
    Actually, it looks like a Sprint commercial. In case they began after you departed, they have an ad campaign working that uses a lot of “light graffiti” to draw stuff that looks similar in character to the fire play with slow shutter speeds you took. Fun. Reminds me a lot of going to Pennsic…only the pictures are more clear than my vision or memories. :D
    You’ve already given India more of a fair shake than I think I would have. About the time I found out about the visa issues would have been enough for me to forgo spending any appreciable amount of time or money there. Then again, that might be why I am a stay-at-home nerd and not a traveling one right now too. :P
    Wellp, gotta go. I just stopped by work to pick up some of these packages that have amassed while I’ve been off, check emails and fook off a bit. Time to get back home and take a nap. Ya see? Being back here isn’t ALL bad. :)
    Best wishes for a happy New Year filled with safe travels and more incredible experiences for ya, brother.
    As always, be safe, have fun and don’t even try to outrun the unblinking eye.

  2. The Parentson 01 Jan 2008 at 12:40 am

    Happy New Year , and we wish this to be a happy and memorable year in all of your traveling. Wish we could do that. So glad you had the opportunity to fulfill your dreams. Love The Parents

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