Relaxation nation, New Year’s Chew toy and sand…everywhere…

The Wandering Nerd January 1st, 2008

Happy New Year to all!

Not much to report from the last week or so, I’ve been having a rough time of getting up, laying on the beach, reading until dark, meeting a bunch of people at night, rinsing and repeating. All in warm weather on a smashing beach. It’s been tough.

One thing to note, as you may or may not know, cows are sacred here, I’m not talking about the Sacred Chao but the “moo, I said, moo” variety. Generally I have no problem with cattle, they are a fine, noble species and taste great when cooked properly. Given the aforementioned reverence, they have free reign to go wherever they damn well please, and by ‘go’ I’m not just talking about spatial movement but bowel as well.

Whilst minding my own damn business last night, walking along the beach - barefooted - I stepped right skwar into a Goan Beach Present, a Sacred Landmine, a Holy Shiite and a fresh one at that…Cringing and cursing the bovine race I turned towards that large collection of saline solution to rinse. While walking towards the sea, I found - with my other bare foot - yet another steaming pile of processed grass. Ah…memories. Least I didn’t get hit in the head later.

This New Year’s Eve turned out to be gleefully drama free, something I was quietly hoping for. There was much drinking, much laughing and a puppy that was doing it’s damndest to eat my face. I ended up just sleeping on the beach, as it was really warm and I just couldn’t be asked to walk back. I woke up this morning to find a goodly number of other revelers asleep on the beach as well. *Shrug* So it Goas…

I’m going to be on the moo-ve - sorry had too, couldn’t help it. I’ll try to coral any more of them. Oh now I’m just butchering it. I’ll try to steer this back on course. Yeah, I herd ya’ I’ll stop. Where was I before the puns started horning in?

Moving, right! I’m here for another week, then I’ll be on the move again. My winter break having come to an end. Hopefully somewhere along the way I’ll be able to pick up a new camera and maybe a cell phone. The only thing I miss about the phone - well other than the data on it - is the usefulness of it as an alarm clock.

I’m still trying to coax my camera to take a few more photos for me, but most of them lately have been turning out badly, and all from last night were blurry. Before anyone says it, yes it was the pictures and not my vision. ;p

Again, happy new year, and try not to make any resolutions you don’t really want to make.

{No photos due to technical difficulties}

to give all you know and never feel it
to hold back each day
until it dies away
-tim buckley

5 Responses to “Relaxation nation, New Year’s Chew toy and sand…everywhere…”

  1. meganleighon 01 Jan 2008 at 12:00 pm

    Might I suggest some zip lock “baggies” (yes, I said baggies) for el camero? Perhaps you also need some duck tape for the phone. You can adhere it to your body– I’m sure the vibrate setting will help “awake” you in the mornings!

    By the way.. I have a friend that is from Chennai. I’ve heard it is a nice place… but, from the sound of it, I’m sure those aren’t too hard to find.

  2. The Parentson 01 Jan 2008 at 2:03 pm

    I hate that your vacation is about over, but I have missed your blogs alot.
    Try to stay out of the cow stuff. I know that will be hard to do from what you have said.
    We are having snow here today, the ground is covered, so I would welcome the beach right now.
    Glad you had a Happy New Years Eve.
    We love you, The Parents

  3. Hoshion 02 Jan 2008 at 10:16 am

    Happy New Year to you too, bro!
    Hey, I remembered that I still have a Nokia 6620 that I can send you if you want. It is a candybar form factor phone that is actually pretty nice (except for the form factor). It is unlocked (so it can be used all over the worldz), has the camera and lots of hackable features. Plus, it runs on Symbian OS and not this farking Windows Mobile crap. Just lemme know if you wants me to mail it to you and where you’ll be to get it.
    Coming back to work and the 2,000 emails that awaited me after a nice 12-day break was less than awesome. Oh to be retired…
    Anyway, just stopping in to say a quick “hi” and wish you a great start to another year. As always, be safe, have fun and never run behind a cow…for obvious reasons. :P

  4. damoon 03 Jan 2008 at 8:21 am

    where next dude?
    happy 2008. may the sun always be on your back. and a beer in your hand.


  5. Picidaeon 03 Jan 2008 at 10:08 pm

    hehe…silly naj and your puns. /moo. happy new year to ya! /shindig

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