Another anniversary, you can see in his eyes, and so much for wireless.

The Wandering Nerd January 23rd, 2008

We’ve - Dan, Cam and I - been staying in Georgetown on Penang. There’s a mix of many different countries colliding here. The chinese, thai, malay and indian cultures are all swirled together like a psychadelic slurpee. Spent the first day just putzing around the city, then rented a car for a more thorough exploration. I’m force to use the term ‘car’ rather loosely. It was more or less spring loaded and with’s Dan’s thorough testing of the brakes, there was a real danger of it tearing itself apart, the thin aluminium wall ripping away exposing the raw pulsing power of the .80 litre engine.

It served its purpose however functionally and, after making a number of triangulational runs around the airport, we were able to find the ‘Snake Temple.’ I was expecting - or at least hoping - for some truly Indiana Jones snake temple shit. What we got were three languid little bastards lounging in a decrepit tree stuffed in one corner of the place. Though I’m somewhat glad there weren’t that many in some ways, last thing we needed was to have Dan start busting out some parseltounge and calling their mothers boots or something. These were actually poisonous, and I’m not sure how well that poison would mix with all of the other varied maledictions he caught from Coco.

From there it was back to lounge on a beach - Batu Feringghi - for the afternoon and strolled through the night markets looking at all of the pirated movies, music and games, along with fake clothes, sunnies, and perfume of all types.

The next morning was an early trip to Kek Lok Si, a much more impressive Buddhist temple here on the island. The place is stunning, I can’t wait to see some of the bigger ones farther in Thailand, Laos, or Cambodia. Kek Lok Si has the largest statue of a Guan Yin Bodhisattva! Yeah, I didn’t know who it was either. What they don’t tell you is that it’s under massive reconstruction, like Europe. Unlike Europe, they were clever enough to leave a decent sized gap in the scaffolding allowing interested travelers - such as myself - to take photos of the biggest statue of a diety that I didn’t - to that point - know anything about. How kind of them.

Spent some quality time feeding the Koi, eliciting a feeding frenzy, well as much of a feeding frenzy as giant goldfish can get into. I was worried that Dan was going to start some shit with a minnow and end up with some grown up Nemo attached to his stupid forehead, but luckily he was able to contain himself yet again. (It’s never really gonna’ get old, me taking the piss out of ‘The Slapper.’)

Farther along in the temple is the turtle pond…I wish I could come up with some epic story about the fierce standoff between Dan and a slow motion shelled monstrosity, but c’mon, it’s a turtle. You can’t even taunt a turtle. Well I suppose you can, but you’d probably have better luck trying to play chess with it. We were going to grab some turtle food and incite another feeding frenzy, but the sooped up RC car we’d rented was due back in a couple hours so we didn’t think we had the time for them to get ramped up into ‘frenzy’ mode.

The next morning we got up early - again - to check out Thaipusam. Yup, nothing like good old fashion mortification of the flesh at sunrise. I love the smell of piercings in the morning, smells like…perforation. So members of the Tamil faith celebrate the slaying of a particular demon, by walking long distances with burdens on their head, then climbing stairs, and getting pierced through the flesh along the way. *shrug* To each their own.

I wanted to find a copy of the Bhagavad Gita in English along the way and reread it. Yeah, I read it back when I was a kid, we went on some field trip and, as I recall, some funny looking guy in orange robes was handing them out. I was a sucker for books even then and I read through it. I remember thinking how much more interesting it was compared to the christian bible (yup, read that too, cover to cover - though I did skip a goodly number of all the ‘begats’).

In the Gita you get demon slaying, gods Shiva lopping the nuggets off of their own kids - Ganesha - and then promising to replace it with the head of the first animal they see, which subsequently turns out to be an elephant? That’s showmanship right there! All the bible has is a burning bush - a litre of petrol, a lighter and me hiding behind a rock and I can pull that one off - some bearded bloke doing a lot of smiting of people - pulled from Zeus - and then finally a hippy carpenter telling everyone to be excellent to each other. I’m just sayin’ that maybe a polytheistic would make for better night time telly. In any event, here’s the event:

As the long time readers of the site - all three of you - have pointed out, I am indeed at the 6 month mark. The good doctor pointed out that there have been a lot of changes, and I’ll agree. I’d be more inclined to say I’ve evolved, or more precisely there have been multiple revisions. I’m not really sure what version number I’m on, but I’m getting up there with AutoCAD. I do know I’m slowly breaking out of the massive funk I was in back in the states. Some things are still to be worked through/out, but I’m doing okay. I’ve still got some things I need to get sorted, settled, buried or strangled behind the woodshed, but things move ever onward, as does the wandering nerd.

Tomorrow I’m off to Thailand, where I have cleverly recieved a 60 day visa, and I’m intending on spending all of those 60 days. Thailand was one of the places I was most interested in going and I’m going to live it up as best I can there.


Mad props to all you out there in there world that I’ve met, I do indeed miss hanging out with you in all your strange-ways glory. To those that have stumbled upon this page somehow, I hope you continue to enjoy it, and to the brois, a very special treat, this brick is going into the temple renovations of the biggest Hindu temple in Malaysia. Church of Broi time. :)

So cheers to you, kind reader. I hope my experience and prose has brought a few moments of interest to your day(s). I don’t know if this kind of mass travel is for everyone, but it’s done wonders for me. I’d suggest you get that passport you’ve been putting off, sell your kids and have someone watch your stuff and get away. Even for a couple weeks, to someplace you’ve never thought of. You don’t even need to bring much, and don’t bother looking into those high priced hotels. Spin a globe, point your finger and assuming it’s not smack in the middle of an giant bloody body of water, get the hell out there. Or, alternately, you could keep making all of those excuses…

i hope it stays dark forever.
i hope the worst isn’t over.
i hope you blink before I do.
i hope I never get sober.
and I hope when you think of me years down the line,
you can’t find one good thing to say.
-the mountain goats

3 Responses to “Another anniversary, you can see in his eyes, and so much for wireless.”

  1. Hoshion 23 Jan 2008 at 10:33 am

    Broi, you are the bomb…the shiznit…the end-all-beat-all of roaming sojourners in this world.
    The only way that having a Broi brick used to build a Hindu temple in Asia could be better was if that temple were a monkey temple…or the Temple of Doom. I guess we are now officially pan-theistic, huh? :P
    So, is Dan experiencing any abnormal changes in his health or senses? A new prehensile tail or big toe becoming opposable, perhaps? If it does, please let me know and I will be on the first flight to that monkey temple to do some battle with King Louie there myself. That would totally roxor.
    It sounds like Malaysia has been an interesting place. I can only imagine what kind of adventure lies ahead in Thailand though. From what I’ve seen and heard from others who’ve been there, it is one of the most awesome places on earth. Just stay away from girls wearing too much make-up and you should be fine. That is the one bit of advice I’ve heard over and over again from anyone who goes there, so I pass it along to you, my brother. ;)
    Well, safe travels up to Pattaya or wherever your first stop in Thailand is. I hope you get the image album issue resolved soon. I was so looking forward to the photos from this part of the world if I can not manage to get over there while you are there. :(
    As always, be safe, have a good time and stop in a major airport if you want to find the men in orange robes for a new copy of the Gita…or I can send you my copy.

  2. damoon 23 Jan 2008 at 1:27 pm

    i was there as a child. and i think i went to the snake temple too….

    i seem to remember oatmeal and pygmy bananas were the business.

    are you taking a table tennis bat?

    you’ll hopefully understand that joke…..

  3. The Parentson 23 Jan 2008 at 11:05 pm

    Happy six month anniversary. Hope your next six months will be as pleasing and as much fun as these first have. I would love to see Thailand . The Parents

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