Can you swim? I can’t feel my knees, and never, ever again.

The Wandering Nerd March 31st, 2008

Okay so the speedboat ride sucked. The ride itself wasn’t that bad, and the drivers seemed to do a good job, but when you’re your sitting with your knees to your chin for two three hour stints you really start questioning the reasons that led you to such a course, not to mention the very real possibility that your patella may go shooting of into the quickly passing Mekong.

Luang Prabang didn’t have all that much to do other than a federal park with a waterfall and some freshwater swimming holes. The color of which were a perfect aqua. Back in the states we’d spend millions of dollars trying to make a facsimile of what is naturally occuring in Laos. I hadn’t planned on going, but got abducted by a couple of cool American chicks that I’d met back up in Huay Xai. Turned out to be a great time, rope swings were involved, as was general jumping from great heights into water.

Everyone in Laos is pretty much on the same travel circuit, so I keep running into people I’ve met in other places. Just a moment ago a guy I’d met all the way back on Koh Phangan stopped in where I’m writing this. The world isn’t all that big anymore.

Just a few photos from the boat trip and Luang Prabang:

I’m a bit behind in posts, but things have gotten a bit strange.  More coming soon.

Wander out!

yeahhh, your majesty, word flash photography
third class economy, blade slashed your artery
nerve gassed anatomy, blurred past dramatically
herbs hashed, my word splash packed agility
-jurassic 5

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