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The Wandering Nerd April 19th, 2008

Angkor Miscellaneous - Day 3

There was a taming of the weasels - it’s like taming a shrew, only not quite so literary - Tim was ready, if not rearing to go and we set off once again to the Angkor complex of temples.

Cleverly, I sorted out my camera issues and now have much better photos of a number of the places I’ve been previously. As my excursions yesterday served as an advanced scouting for the days tour I was ready to hit the good stuff again.

First on the agenda, I had to go back to Ta Prohm. I’m really enamored with the place. It’s the kind of place I could spend days just climbing around exploring all of the nooks and crannies.

After that we moved on to Pre Rup, it’s the one with the Elephants guarding the corners. It’s also where I continued the pattern of seeing what I could jump, a lot of caffeine was involved, don’t ask.

We hit the following temples in this order East Mebon, Ta Som, Preah Khan, Baphuon, Bayon and finally, once again back to Angkor Wat for a few more - better - sunset photos. You really can’t go by the place without stopping in there. I certainly couldn’t without stopping in and saying to myself, “That’s definitely a wat.”

I really can’t add much verbally to what the images produce visually, so I’ll let them do their thing.

I’ve spent a bit of time nerding out here in Siam Reap, I’ve fixed the slideshow on the sidebar, it should be back up and working now and found some new photo display plugins. For the most part they are just eye candy, but there’s nothing wrong with that sometimes. Sadly they are pretty intensive and are going to require some changes. What this means is the number of posts on one page is going down to one. So you people that can’t keep up are going to get to learn all about how the archive function works. The page is taking way too long to load and I’m terribly impatient when it comes to technology. Also, if you’re on a slow connection or dial up, this should help. This may be tempered by the intensiveness of the plugin. We’ll see, or rather, you’ll see and then let me know yeah?

I’m not really sure which one I like overall so I’m going to let you guys be the judges.

So here are the three options:

Classic WN Stylin’ NextGEN Gallery -

You know it, you love it, it’s been with us since the beginning

The new SmoothGallery -

Just look how smooth that is…it’s like something really smooth…

The new TiltViewer -

It’s new! It’s Flash! It’s all tilty! (oh, and right click anywhere around those images and ‘Go to fullscreen…’)

So I lied a little bit, the TiltViewer kinda’ get’s me a little bit hot…a little veclempt over the elegance of it. I must give mad props to Boris Glumpler and Alex Rabe for coming up with the interface from NextGen Gallery to the TiltViewer. I’ve emailed back and fort a few times with Alex over some minor bugs in NGGallery and he’s always been spot on about getting them fixed. In trying to get TiltViewer working I found the documentation on Boris’ site and subsequently found out he’s a world traveler as well. Funny how that works, so check out Boris’ site: Travel Junkie

As to the different galleries, I am curious to what everyone thinks/how they performe so hit up the poll there on the right. I’ll leave it up for a bit and make a final decision in the next week or so. Enjoy the galleries, play with them, break them, break your computers, break dance, just go all nutty, paint up the town, paint each other up! …woah…so much…caffeine…

i like the way you, put your hands up in the air,
i like the way you, shake your hair,
i like the way you, like to touch

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