I gotta’ keep movin’, don’t any of you people say hello just to say hello? and It’s a psychobilly freak-out!

The Wandering Nerd May 9th, 2008

Today I want to talk about synchronicity.

It’s the concept of the interrelatedness of it all. Or things that seem to coincide in a non-causal way. Richard Bach used the idea of the blue feather to illustrate it in Illusions, and Michael Talbot talked around the whole thing without ever actually coming out and saying it in The Holographic Universe. The EPR Paradox - which Talbot refers to at points - is perhaps an ideal scientific example. It illustrates the concept of Quantum Entanglement, also known as “Spooky action at a distance” - and people say theoretical physicists don’t know how to party.

I’m just a poor dumb farmboy from Kentucky, so I’m don’t know much about all that highfalutin stuff. What I do know about it is Ayers Rock. I’ve only been aware of it recently, but I think it’s stalking me. You may ask yourself, how could a big boulder thousands of miles away from you be stalking you? I asked the same thing. I even looked up to see if the ‘giant rock outcropping’ class was allowed to take stealth as a primary skill. I’m a bit weird sometimes - but, just so you know, I couldn’t find it in the rulebook. Still and all though it’s there, it’s everywhere lately.It all started when I read the Bill Bryson book In a Sunburned Country - It’s about Australia.

I figured if I was going to be there for 2 years or so I should at least learn all I can about XXXX before actually heading down there. The long and short of it is, there’s a lot of shit in Australia that can kill you, they got the better end of the whole penal colony thing, Queenslanders are nutters (mad as cut snakes I hear), and then there’s Ayers Rock. It is a fascinating occurrence simply that it exists. The last remnant of some weathered mountain range, standing alone in the middle of, quite literally, nowhere. Then it started showing up everywhere for me.

In Foucault’s Pendulum - not a book to read right before going to sleep - Umberto Eco refers to the Aboriginal writings on it in passing. Earlier that very day I was walking down the street in Nha Trang and there was a tattered post card of the rock stuck in some siding of a building. Today I overheard some people on the bus - speaking in Spanish mind you - flipping through a guide to Australia talking about Ayer’s Rock. Eerie… Now for the fun part of this, I’m curious to how many of you will start finding Ayer’s Rock references. That would be some spooky action at a distance wouldn’t it.

All of this brings me back to synchronicity and subsequently from the reading, Littlewood’s law. To facilitate the continuation of my post, and knowing full well that most people don’t have interest in following all of these links, Littlewoood’s Law states that states that individuals can expect a ‘miracle’ to happen to them at the rate of about one per month. In this case he defines a ‘miracle’ as an exceptional event of special significance occurring at a frequency of one in a million. The argument being that said event happens in a second, and we have roughly one million seconds of awareness in about 35 days, thus probability would mandate that something like a miracle occurs every month.

My view is that is his supposition is slightly flawed, he assumes only 8 hours of alertness per day, I say we have more and thus miracles happen more often. The catch is noticing them. I had like three all in one day, so I’m screwed for the next few months, but you guys, you’re all set now. I’ve let you in on one of the secret rules of the game. Watch for those ‘exceptional events’. I’d even suggest that you go so far as making your own exceptional events. Beyond that, I’ll just say this, we can’t completely control what happens to us in life, miraculous or banal, but we can control how we let it affect us.

The overnight bus trip to Hoi An left me dead to the world. I found an overpriced place to crash and did just that for the majority of the morning. I don’t know what it is about South Vietnam, but the people that work ‘customer service’ down there don’t really seem to have a concept of it. I was really shocked by the abruptness and in some cases downright rudeness of the people I was trying to have render some service. The moment you cross the former DMZ - I’m in Hue right now waiting on a bus - there is a complete shift in how you’re treated. Strange.

Hoi An was really just another city. Supposedly it’s a World Heritage Site (just like Ayer’s Rock!) but from what I saw that just meant that all of the roads were a mess of construction and they dramatically overpriced their ’souvenirs.’ It’s not really the Vietnam I expected. For the sake of clarity, I’ve made it this far into the ‘Nam and have yet to come under any fire from the Viet Cong, though the day is young. And to play on one more stereotype, and this is just a casual observation mind you, I’ve seen a lot of puppies around, but I haven’t seen too many full grown dogs…just throwing that out there non-causally.

I took the afternoon to walk around the city and take the snaps, but the whole place just didn’t seem to have any character. Rows upon rows of the same shops selling the same stuff. When the highlight of a city in Vietnam is the Japanese bridge, there’s not too much one can reasonably expect.The hotel - the overpriced hotel - I stayed at did have an actual bathtub. I cannot express to you in words how good a hot bath goes after so long on the road. The only way I could really explain it is through interpretive dance, and as this is a written medium and I’m not about to film something like that - which would totally screw up my political career - we’re both off the hook. Me from doing it and you from having to suffer through watching it.

give it a rest, give it a rest, give it a day,norman says that you can take a valium,or maybe something stronger,’cause he doesn’t understand…
-harvey danger

2 Responses to “I gotta’ keep movin’, don’t any of you people say hello just to say hello? and It’s a psychobilly freak-out!”

  1. tubenerdon 11 May 2008 at 12:27 pm

    Um. Hello.

  2. Picidaeon 11 May 2008 at 9:55 pm

    Heya Naj! Havent posted anything to ya in quite some time. As i may have or have not mentioned in the past, I occassionally have issues with viewing your pics so I have missed alot over the course of your travels. However, i have found that scrolling back thru the posts every now and again can prove beneficial as my comp will sometimes cooperate and allow me see the images. Anyhoo, i was pleasantly surprised today as a flipped back a handful of posts and found some pretty handsome kittahs staring back at me…or sleeping there i should say. Purr-dy tigers!
    Grats on your acceptance into Melbourne btw. i too have applied to go back to good ol’ school and have an interview at the college on Tues.
    Oh, and if you happen to pass through Korea on your travels, i may have a quest for ya.
    Wander safely.

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