The charge of the not so bright brigade.

The Wandering Nerd July 18th, 2007

I suspect it is only fitting that my last act of corporatized nerdism would constitute one monstrous endeavor. An entire metropolitan area of hospitals, eight facilities in total. As it so often happens where massive IT systems are involved, once you start looking at making a change a domino effect happens of what is required to be changed everywhere else. If I never have to type ‘config t’ or ’sho ip bgp sum’ again, it will be beautiful. It’s 3am now and we’re not even really in the thick of it. Unbridled enthusiasm abounds. Though it’s kinda’ cool to do one more run with some of the good folks where I worked, well decent folks…tolerable at best. Okay, they suck and I hate them.

On the plus side, I’ve moved, sold or given away everything I own. A subtle nuance of that is, if you get rid of everything you own before you’re ready to go, you end up sleeping on the floor. I realized this mid moving all of my crap but decided I’d rather see everything gone and sleep on the floor a night or two vs. trying to finagle a way to be comfortable and subsequently get ‘just one more thing’ moved. Believe me, there have been many moments over the course of the last few days where I cursed a whole pantheon of small gods over the simple things we own that we tune out in everyday life. There’s almost always just ‘one more thing.’

As I had a long day moving, and fondly thinking about sleeping on the floor, I decided to go for a drink around ten, you know, to help me sleep. Well one turned into nine, and sleep actually happened around 3am. I was looking and feeling my best when I woke up, four hours later to get more crap done.

Finalized packing, about a dozen ‘just one more thing’s later and now I’m back at work, but with an empty apartment and a loaded U-Haul. Luckily I don’t have to worry about sleeping on the floor tonight, as I’m not going to be going to sleep. Hoping to pull out of Nashville by 7am to swing through eastern Kentucky by 11am, then make it to Indy by late afternoon. I figure I’ll actually get to sleep sometime tomorrow night.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more
Or close the wall up with our nerdly dead!


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  1. shaggyon 18 Jul 2007 at 12:37 pm

    so my wife calls me and asks how many beans to put in the coffee grinder to make a pot of coffee. i asked her why she was making coffee at this time of day and she said the wandering nerd was stopping by and he had not slept in over 24 hours. i told her to just fill the damn thing up as full as possible and dump a little water in it! i figure a bitter jolt may do you some good for the wandering nerd about now!… good luck on your wandering and try not to wander off a cliff or upon a poisonous snake. i look forward to reading about your encounters. our trips to nashville will be filled lonesomeness. we will eat sushi by ourselves and sit in the hotel room staring at boobs on the boob tube. i am off to find a nashville pen-pal on craigslist….

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