Adieu Nashville, adieu…

The Wandering Nerd July 18th, 2007

Bah, god awful tired. I’ve been awake for 40+ hours now. Last night’s cutover went longer than anticipated, I was forced to approach pouring over logs line after line in a completely new and (I happen to think) very dynamic manner:


Some people may look at that and say, that’s just some guy laying on a desk using a Cisco 3750 24-Port 10/100/1000 EMI switch as a pillow…those people need a new hobby…seriously, go outside. I know what it was because I rested my nugget on it, you got it from some sick twisted insight, and wicked ‘l33t sh0ppin’ skills you learnd from “The Net.” There is a limit to how many lines of scrolling green text one can endure. Though, the SMI version is softer, less functionality….moving right along….

Some folks, like yours truly, laugh in the face of adversity, spit in death’s eye, and leave flaming bags of pooh on destiny’s doorstep. Others lash out violently and without merit, viciously attacking those around them with their wicked ‘bling’:


That’s right, I’m some sort of devil-headed, red dot in the forehead, robin the boy wonder mask wearing, hollywood hulk hogan mustache, flava’ flave necklace wearing…freakshow!!!

This is why I retired….’hostile’…’work’….’environment’. Agreed?

After we did get done with the cut this morning (two hours later than I had hoped), I loaded up the last bits of crap, and set off. Hey kids! Wave good by to Nashville for a while:


It certainly has been one hell of a day, 12 hours in a U-Haul is enough for anyone. Now couple that with a slow leak in the Power Steering and Power Breaking system. It was grand….falling asleep typing….will edit l8r….

…and we’re back. Slept for 12 hours straight. I went back and read all of that, thought about correcting it, but I think I’m just going to leave it as is. I feel like someone took a crow bar to most of my major muscle groups, but where was I? Oh right the U-Haul! When I picked it up it was making odd noises, but I figured, what the hell do I know about how one of these monsters is supposed to sound, and I was in a dead heat rush, so I took it and ran. Now bear in mind that, while these are the final bits of my material life that I care about, there’s also a motorcycle strapped in the back of the truck. (Which may or may not turn out to be wildly illegal, there’s some debate.) Over the course of yesterday’s death march it went from a ‘funny noise’ to the screaming of tortured weasels, and then the power steering went out, then the power brakes. To make it even more fun, they finally went out when I was driving to my parents house in the middle of nowhere Kentucky. It’s 10 miles from even what can nominally be called a city and approximately 60 miles from a real one. The roads are so curvy the warning traffic signs look like someone handed a Sharpy and a strobe light to a epileptic toddler.

When I finally made it to my parents and checked the Power Steering fluid…nothing…bone dry. That’s right, U-Haul rented a truck to me with no fluid in it…or so I thought. When I made it closer back to civilization, I filled the reservoir back up. Thankfully the screeching retreated to be only the normal low level screaming in my head, more importantly I had brakes and power steering again. By the time I pulled into Indy, the screeching weasels were back. One advantage though, when I took it to drop off they gave me a pass on all of the overage miles charges. As a parting little note the U-Haul has an important message for us all:


Huh, slow down and live….I like that.

2 Responses to “Adieu Nashville, adieu…”

  1. Beachon 20 Jul 2007 at 12:14 am

    You know, there were so many practical jokers there with you, you are lucky someone didn’t put your hand in a bowl of warm water while you were sacked out… or something worse…

    I hate it that we are loosing you as a resource - but I sure as hell think what you are about to do is one of the coolest things I can remember anyone doing. Rock on Wandering Nerd!

  2. The Wandering Nerdon 20 Jul 2007 at 1:07 pm

    Sadly I wasn’t asleep, just wishing I was dead. I was parsing through some logs of the core switches we were working on. Just felt like getting more comfortable. :)

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