Anniversaries, ankles and alliterations.

The Wandering Nerd August 6th, 2007

Two weeks have passed since I left the states. It really kinda’ snuck up on me, as time seems to be hurtling past, and it looks a lot like the Irish countryside in a bus window. I’m still really glad I broke away when I did, and I’m not really missing any. I was missing sushi, but I finally found a place here and splurged a bit. Though if any of you, my adoring audience, are planning on coming over to wander with me for a bit, I’m gonna’ request an air drop/tactical resupply of some things be brought with you, we’ll talk. :)

Dunno’ when this will end up getting posted, the hostel I’m in now doesn’t have any free wi-fi and I’m somewhat loathe to pay 7 bloody dollar american for an hour of access, you’ll get the posts, but don’t count on too many fancy schmancy hyperlinks. So I’ve wandered about and found “Clements,” where they are religious about their coffee. *shrug* Black, large, bring it. I also should point out that the little text on the photos is having some issues, it looks like it usually only works on the first 10 or so then goes all sideways. I’ll look into it when I have more stable time and access, for the time being though, my apologies if you can’t get my witty running commentary. Make up your own, it’s like the home version of the game.

If one of you other nerdly types wants to help a brother out and set up a proxy for me so I don’t have to pay these exorbitant fees, I’d certainly appreciate it. Drop me an email if you do set one up.

Made it out of Derry, without running into the gang that beats up the 7th person to walk past them. I’m not sure if I buy that there is such a thing, seems to close to the old bullshit urban legend about the gang of kids who would drive around at night with no lights on, then when you flashed your brights at them they’d shoot you. Still an amusing thought, and to be quite honest, when we were making a late night kebab run there was some guy standing in the takeaway, looking bewildered, bleeding from his forehead, and holding a napkin to his cheek. I’m not really sure what kind of wound was on his cheek, but if triage dictated he attend to it prior to the gash on his noggin, it must have been a doozy.

I’d met a German History and English teacher who was cycling around Ireland. We grabbed a bite to eat and had an impromptu English lesson for him. I taught him how to make up new adjectives. So I just introduced some new and fun words into the Germanic take on English. Things like ’shit-tacular,’ ‘fan-damn-tastic,’ and the classic american, ‘go *#$! yourself….ly.’ Yup, international ambassador of goodwill, that’s me. We did actually cover some of the more obtuse crap that English, and especially Americlish does, so perhaps I did do some good despite myself.

Feeling like I’d done my share of drinking, I laid off the sauce a bit that night, as I’m tossing some trash out the backstep of the hostel (where of course it’s raining) I slip on a step and twist my ankle and knee….stone sober and I get hurt by stumbling. This is why I practice by drinking all the time.

Not terribly twisted, but enough. I certainly felt it the next day, when I’d planned to go to the Giant’s Causeway. Between my ankle, more incessant rain, and the tour bus apparently taking the day off, I didn’t make it.

I did however pick up a copy of the history of “The Troubles” and spent a couple hours in a coffee shop reading it and making notes, and diagrams. I’m serious, the history of this conflict is amazingly complex, it gets to a point where you really almost need a Venn Diagram to keep sorted who’s english/irish/protestant/catholic/repulican/unionist etc. and over the course of the thing people changed sides, groups get renamed, people go from being instigators to prime players on the political side. The most difficult part for me is figuring out what some of the actions or words mean. Here’s a fun one, the Irish have a ‘Taoiseach,’ pronounced ‘tea-sha,’ who is sorta’ like a president, but sort of like a figurehead. I’m not really sure yet. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “an acceptable level of violence,” it has been orignally attributed to Reggie Maudling…the politicion in charge of Northern Ireland during a goodly portion of the Trouble. How’s that for comforting in a leader…oh wait, I forgot our mis-underestimated Toaiseach. I’m gonna’ keep on researching and see what I can sort out, I really need to find an Irish person and get some questions answered.

Moving from Derry to Belfast is quite a switch. Derry really has the grittier feel to it, while Belfast is more like Dublin, big, bright, full of people, though this time they’re mostly Irish, or nothern Irish, or Irish-Brits…hell I don’t know they’re just people to me. But they talk funny, cuss a lot, and throw in extraneous tourette’s style words…come to think of it that’s a pretty fair description of the people I know in Indy. Belfast is the home of Queen’s College, you really get the university town feel here with students wandering around even now, staggering and blinded by the sun. Their pale skin softly sizzling in the here to fore unseen UV spectrum.

There are Causeway tours that go from here as well, the intent is that I’ll hit one of those while I’m here, plus a hop on/hop off tour bus runs through Belfast as well, so if you’re good, eat all your vegetables, and put all of your toys away, I’ll have more Belfastian photos next time around. I’m not getting around as spryly so fewer shots at the moment.


“relax” dijo el portero
por mi es honor recibir
puede salir cuando quiere
pero nunca yo partir
-gypsy kings

3 Responses to “Anniversaries, ankles and alliterations.”

  1. damoon 07 Aug 2007 at 2:17 am

    you have to go to the causeway. portrush is beautiful. and weird.
    home of bushmills. too….

    not that you need an excuse to sample booze.

  2. Hoshion 07 Aug 2007 at 8:24 am

    “…hell I don’t know they’re just people to me. But they talk funny, cuss a lot, and throw in extraneous tourette’s style words…come to think of it that’s a pretty fair description of the people I know in Indy.”

    Hey, are you making fun of my adult-onset Tourette’s? I resemble that remark.

    Oh, and to reiterate…more photos of local females…for scale…#$%^ing dammit! =)

  3. spectreon 07 Aug 2007 at 4:08 pm

    Love the “leash the dog” sign… Did you pose for that?

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