Piping Pakistanis, the city…OF THE DEAD, and intricate glass.

The Wandering Nerd August 10th, 2007

I’ve pretty much decided to avoid big hostels anymore. They have all of the charm of a goddamn operating room. The one I stayed with in Belfast seemed more like I was imposing on them, and the one here was really impersonal, the only redeeming aspect was that they had a bar attached. Which sounds good, but in practice they charge more than a nearby pub,and don’t let you bring any booze onto the premises. Blech. So I wasn’t too dissapointed when they told me I could only stay the one night. Though that did leave me in somewhat of a lurch as I had no backup and there is - I shit you not - a non-Scottish piping contest in Glasgow now. It’s like some sort of international championship of piping. The only main point is your team can’t be Scottish. The Pakistani team looks cool, you’ll see.

So without accommodation I headed out to a hostel I’d called yesterday that said they may have a couch for me. Israel and Ximena needed a place too, so we all tramped through the rain to this little hostel on the other side of town where they did indeed have couches for all of us in the lounge. Better than a bench in the park,eh?

We tooled around Glasgow for the rest of the day on another CityTour bus. The Necropolis and Cathedral took a lot of our time. I’m all about a City of the Dead. There is also a museum of religious life and art by the Cathedral which is very even handed and well presented, all of the good and bad associated with the major religions.

The clever amongst you may note that I am decidedly <em>not</em> on the Island of Islay - which is pronounced ‘eye-lah’…the more you know. Moving from Belfast to Glasgow is really easy, you get on a bus driven by a nice man who takes you to the ferry port. You give them your 30 quid and then, through the magic of transportation technology, you’re in Glasgow. To get to Islay one must get a bus from Glasgow, change buses in Tarbet, just to get to Kennacraig’s ferry port. Which literally is just a ferry port, there’s nothing else. So timing the bus with the ferry…the <em>one</em> ferry is pretty critical. Then it’s a two hour ferry ride to Port Askaig, on Islay. But the hostel there is in Port Ellen, which is on the other side of the island, 18km. Coming back is even more complicated as I’d be traveling on a Sunday which has completely different rules. I decided to just give it a miss,

as I’ve lucked into someplace in Edinburgh on Sunday and I dunna’ wanna’ miss the opportunity. I’ll catch it the next time around. Sorry Larry.

Hunter S. Thompson once wrote there’s nothing more depraved than a man in the depths of an ether binge. He’d never ran into a Hen Party. It’s like a bachelor party but for the women. I mentioned how Glasgow was way overbooked, well the place we found the couches (palatial as you’ll see in the photos), had overbooked to the point that a 13 woman hen party showed up and had not place to stay. They moved people onto the floors in various places, and even more people were showing up as the night went on. Yeah, sleeping on a love seat is gonna’ be great…really looking forward to it.

i want something good to die for
to make it beautiful to live
-queens of the stone age

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