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The Wandering Nerd May 15th, 2007

After a long time stuck in the machine that is the technical industry, I’ve had enough. That is not how I’m meant to live. I’m setting off to just explore this world. I don’t want to chug along and wake up someday and realize I’ve wasted all of the the opportunities in the world. I’ve already missed some really good things because I was foolish and locked into the idea of ‘how things are supposed to be.’ That’s the trick, understanding that how things are supposed to be is simply a matter of how we shape them.

It’s time I changed the shape of my world.

I hadn’t really expected anyone to be interested in this or even what I’m doing. So, I’ve been really astounded at the number of people who have offered encouragement, support and offers of places to stay or people to talk to when I’m in the oddest little places.

I’m being somewhat convivial about the whole thing, but in some ways this really is a quest to find a place. Someone mentioned to me that it’s great that I’m going to ‘find myself.’ That strikes me as a bit daft. I know where I am, the purpose of going to try find everything else. Finding yourself is easy, just look down. Finding what you’re really looking for is the difficult part, mainly due to most of us not even really knowing what it is we are looking for until we’ve already missed it.

The rough plan is to fly into Dublin, and just vagabond around the world until I either figure out what I want to be when I grow up, or I find something interesting enough to keep me in one place for a while. I’ve spent 30 long years in the midwestlands and I am done with it.

You can email me here: wanderingnerd@wanderingnerd.com

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  1. solorideon 12 Dec 2007 at 1:24 am

    You almost killed me with the whole registration to comment :). Love your site! I’m going to stumble it (stumbleupon.com just in case). Definitely going to put your blog into my rss feeder. I will be living vicariously through you until my next journey. Its awesome you gave theworldbyroad.com guys a link. Those two are awesome guys. You can head to my blog if you have time 8wishes.blogspot.com I will be updating it soon.

    Hope this finds you well.

    Paul Sanchez

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